01a home for employees in the New Work office

Discover the new modular coworking desk solution for all modern New Work offices. Design furniture and office equipment by planmöbel.


Minimalist design, maximum functionality. The panel profile acts as both a design element and a central structural component which integrates a range of functional components almost invisibly.

Backpacks, handbags or drink bottles can be stored with ease, while the optional toolbox fits perfectly into the base cabinets. Laptops can be safely locked and charged in the drawer while you are away from work and – to ensure perfect cabling – there is plenty of space in the almost invisible cable duct, which fits seamlessly into the design.

The planmöbel furniture cable sets provide a wide range of configuration options, ranging from sockets to lamp and monitor adapters, to induction charging for smartphones.



1 Storage space

Storage space at your personal disposal directly within reach and always at the right height, because the optional storage space travels with you.

Users can decide whether they need storage space at the workplace, because it is an add-on and can be installed in just a few simple steps. Storage options are available in a range of sizes, depending on whether private bags, a toolbox, files, drinks bottles, laptops or cables need to be accommodated. Everything has its place and nothing is left standing around. Additionally, everything is protected from view, whether from outside through the façade or inside the office itself.

Combined with private locker cabinets, this saves time and keeps personal items right at the workplace where they are needed.  

Whether designed as an open storage space, with a hinged door or as a practical pharmacy cabinet, a wide range of variants are available to meet all your needs.

Do you want to hide away excess cable lengths? Some cabinets also offer solutions for this. 


2 Legroom in every direction

Whether sitting or standing, teamwork around the m-pur-habitat workplace is always a comfortable experience. Key to the design are the recessed frames which provide legroom for all.

The rear conduit is designed to be kept out of the way and this allows you to hold spontaneous meetings with up to four people at the workstation.


3 Inductive charging

Alongside the options for integrating USB-A and USB-C connections into the cable set for charging mobile devices, wireless charging is also possible. Either visibly and, if desired, retrospectively integrated into the cable set, or invisibly integrated into the leading edge of the panel – you get to decide how and where to charge your devices.

m-pur-habitat has all the power your mobile devices need.


4 Fully-integrated drawer

The practical drawer offers space for office materials and a laptop. The cable entry allows devices to be powered and charged, or connected to the docking station.

The desk surface remains tidy, leaving you more space to work in.

A lock is available on request to secure your personal belongings.


5 Invisible cable duct

The design goal underlying m-pur-habitat was to be functionally excellent while also taking formal design into account. That's why the cable duct is almost invisible, with its form also offering legroom for visitors sitting in front of the desk.

The large-volume cable duct can be folded from the front or rear of the desk. It contains strain reliefs for the cables and accepts three to five-way sockets.


Our products are tailored to the wishes of our customers

Whether a single item or large series – planmöbel’s manufacturing set-up is ready and waiting. It is based on three pillars, with individual series production forming the basis to everything. Numerous changes can also be made to meet individual special requests. In this way, the flexibility of a joinery meets the efficiency of industrial series production and it is precisely here that our strength lies.

Let us know what your m-pur-habitat desk needs to look like, or what special requirements your organisation needs the product to meet. We will develop a solution based on our series in a lean process.


In use

m-pur-habitat provides investment security for changing organizations

You initially choose m-pur-habitat in the basic version, giving yourself a platform for all future additions to the range. Retrofitting appropriate additional elements for your desk from our portfolio is possible at any time.

It’s up to you how you choose to create your habitat in the office

The storage space can be fitted to the left or right and it always provides space for personal organization. If it is attached to the aisle or façade side of the desk, it also provides protection against view and creates a sense of both intimacy and order.

Habitat & New Work

Set up in a block of four and with an external container, the ends of two desks placed next to each other can act as an additional, temporary workstation. This is all due to the desks’ recessed framework.

Minimalism with no lack of functionality

A standalone workplace with integrated lamp*, almost invisible cable duct under the tabletop, QR charger for mobile devices, fitted cabinet with door and open compartment for personal items. Free space of 1.60 x 0.8 m up to a standing height of 1.30 m.
*Lamp Waestberg: Mod. Winkel


Choose the storage space to suit your needs.

Pharmacy cabinet for D80

Pharmacy cabinet for D90

Body for D90 with one drawer

Body for D80 / D90 with door

Body for D80 with three drawers

Body for D90 with three drawers

Body for D80 with one drawer

Korpus mit Flügeltür

Body for D80 with two drawers

Body for D90 with two drawers

Body for D80 with desk items drawer and one drawer

Body for D90 with desk items drawer and one drawer

Body for D80 / D90 with open shelf


Modular and versatile

Visualization: Elements Visual



Marko Deutschkämer - Qualified Carpenter,
Design Thinking Master and Graduate Designer (with studies focussed on creativity methodology).
Lives and works in the Hannover area.

He is an enthusiastic innovator with a maker mindset, who has been actively engaged in the following disciplines for over 20 years – product development and design, new work concepts, strategy consulting, interdisciplinary pioneering work and innovation mentoring. With a strong network behind him, his focus lies on the development of new solutions for previously untouched terrain, which he supports in the roles of designer, consultant and producer.

planmöbel opted for Marko Deutschkämer as their designer because he combines a feel for design, technical understanding and access to the current and future requirements of our target groups.




One person. One piece of furniture.

Making use of both intelligent office systems and client-specific office solutions, planmöbel allows people to feel good in their working environment.


On the Surface.

Melamine decor, veneer, special surfaces, lacquer, metal, fabric - it is not only on the surface of things that the possibilities of designing and combining planmöbel furniture are almost unlimited. Please find below a small selection – further materials upon request.

One-colour decor

Creme Weiß

Wood decor

Ahorn Dekor
Aragon Eiche
Carini Nussbaum
Denver Eiche
Ellmau Buche

Real wood veneer

Ahorn natur
Buche natur
Eiche natur

Real wood veneer stained

Buche Cherry
Eiche Dark
Eiche gekalkt
Nuß natur
Esche C9


Schwarz Compact
Grau Compact
Creme Weiß Compact
Carini Nussbaum Compact
Nuss Natur Compact




Powder coating